instax SQUARE SQ20 Black

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instax SQUARE SQ20 Black
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Instax SQ20: The newest hybrid instant camera for trendy square pictures!


With one push on the button, you’ll be able to print moving images! On top the newest features will spice up your pictures! The wonderful new instax SQUARE SQ20 is compatible with our square film and is the newest kid on the instax block. The SQ20 is equipped with nice novelties like a movement function which will allow you to capture your moving subjects at the right moment and loads of other new functions that will add just the little amount of spice to your pictures. Thanks to the stylish and easy to handle design, this camera will become your perfect partner in crime on all your trips, so you’ll never miss out that one special moment! Next to taking regular pictures, the new “Motion mode” will allow you to make a video (max 15 sec.) and thanks to the turning wheel on the back of the camera, it will allow you push the button at the perfect time when shooting moving subjects. Something which was, until now, almost impossible. With the “Time Shift Collage”, one push on the shutter button, will enable you to view and print 4 sequent images. The special sequence filter on the other hand will help you to create dynamic, dreamy pictures by adding effects to the image. It is also the first camera in the instax range which is equipped with a special zoom function and on top it is has a selfie mirror. This hybrid instant camera, which has a digital image sensor and image processing technology, will make you able to select and edit your favorite pictures before printing them as an instax! And as our SQ20 is a versatile hybrid instant camera, you can add a lot of effects…. all in one picture! Features: Time shift mode - Creative photographic expression with various image editing features (10 filters with f.ex vignette control,…) - Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface - Rechargeable battery - Internal memory (up to about 50 pictures) - MicroSD card slot - Instax SQUARE Film 62 x 62 cm