Instax SQ6 Graphite Grey

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Instax SQ6 Graphite Grey
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The first analogue square instax camera: instax square SQ6


The first analogue square instax camera, instax square SQ6, is a fact. The analogue camera creates a bridge between the colourful instax mini 9 series, the arty instax SQ10 and SP3 square printer. Thanks to interesting extra features self-expression and creativity are for grabs, thanks to which even the everyday moments are expressed in a unique way. The whole instax idea remains the same, also for this camera: instant pictures bring instant fun. Nothing more fun than pressing the button and together with your friends to wait for the image to appear. Each instax film print brings a unique and original memory and happiness which you can actually hold in your hands, a glossy print forever. Because the number of takes per film pack is limited, you will reflect more before taking a picture. The use of physical film gives every printed photo an emotional value, also when using the new instax SQ6 camera, for making square pictures. ELEGANT YET STRONG DESIGN: The elegant look of the instax SQ6 camera is retro and futuristic at the same time. Therefore the camera is attractive for both men and women. The SQ6 is available in three trendy colours: pearl white, blush gold and graphite gray. HANDY FEATURES: The compact instant SQ6 camera comes with plenty of fantastic must-try-functions and is light in weight, but certainly not less powerful. Thanks to the addition of extra handy features (amongst others the double exposure function) the designers of the instax SQ6 camera motivate your self-expression and creativity. AUTO EXPOSURE CONTROL: The high-performance flash calculates the surrounding light and automatically adapts the shutter time. Thanks to this feature you can shoot those ideal moments, even in more dark surroundings. SELFIE MODE: This functions makes it easier to make selfies, thanks to the small mirror on the front of the camera and the perfect lighting and focal distance regulation. DOUBLE EXPOSURE: Two pictures giving one artistic result? Then you use the double exposure function, a technique where two exposures are being combined in one picture. Ideal to achieve arty and surreal images. COLOUR FILTERS: Thanks to the three colour filers in orange, green and purple, you create an original atmosphere in no time