Instax Mini 9 Cobalt blue K3 pack

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Instax Mini 9 Cobalt blue K3 pack
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Completely K3 with our K3 instax mini 9 Cobalt blue pack!


With this instax K3 pack, you are ready to collect all your fun adventures! This pack contains an instax mini 9 Cobalt blue camera, a rainbow film, an instax K3 diary (13x13 cm) where K3 fans can write down all their adventures and stick an instax picture next to them (only in Dutch). On top, you can easily carry your instax camera by attaching the K3 strap which is included in this package! And to make it extra special, the K3 theme pack contains a voucher, by which you can claim a K3 sticker on instax.be to pimp you instax camera!

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